Our ongoing Language programs in Santa Cruz, CA

No registration fee is required. New students can crash any ongoing group class until class #3.

New courses start every month. The starting date might be postponed one or two weeks if needed.

Conversational Spanish practices (small group class) are free of charge to upper beginner, intermediate or advanced students that are already registered in a class.

Contact us if you’d like to register in a class that has already started.

Assessment tests are offered free of charge to ensure you are in the right class.

Our classes are targeted at different levels (5), from total beginner to advanced. Interaction with the teacher is very important, as it improves the student’s conversational skills. All classes are for both groups and individuals.

Ask for special discounts for companies and organizations.

**All our prices include tax**


*New*English tutoring  (2-5 students) 1 Hour classes once a week 

Lockdown special offer:  6 week (6 hours)  $118.80     $ 105.60      


Live Online Courses Fees for  Spanish, French, German and Portuguese:

Group classes (2-5 students) 1 Hour classes twice a week
6 week  (12 hours)

$264           per 6 weeks    ($22/hour)

$237.60     per 6 weeks   ($19.80/hour)


Group classes (2-5 students) 2 Hour class once a week
6 week  (12 hours) $264 per 6 weeks   ($22/hour)

$237.60 per 6 weeks  ($19.80/hour)


Individual classes 1 Hour classes
6 weeks max.  (6 hours) $252  per 6 weeks ($42)

$239. 40 per 6 weeks  ($39.90/hour)


(SPA) Conversational practices (2-4 students)      1 Hour classes

6 practices once a week.          $$132  per 6 weeks   ($22/hour)

Semi-Intensive language courses

**We’re offering a 10 % discount on our Spanish semi-intensive courses **

Individual semi-intensive course 20 hours 10 (2-hour) lessons or -13 (1.5-hour) lessons .
4-week semi-intensive

(20 hours)

10 % off


$370 per 10 hours= $37/hour

$333 per 10 hours= $33/hour

$666 per 20 hours (w/10% off)

Group semi-intensive course  20 hours 

3 times per week (13 lessons of 1.5-hour long)

$370 per 20 hours= $18.50/hour

Contact us if you’re a small group of 2-4 people and want to take a **Spanish semi-intensive group course**

Online Regular Adult Language Courses of  German and French

Group classes: Twice a week / 6  weeks

Group classes (2-5 students) 1 Hour class (twice a week)
6 week  (12 hours) $264 per 6 weeks ($22/hour)

$237.60  per 6 weeks ($19.80/hour)


Individual classes 1 Hour classes
6 weeks max.  (6 hours) $ 252 per 6 weeks  ($42/hour)

$239. 40 per 6 weeks  ($39.90/hour)

Special courses

According to the community’s response to our new modality, we will offer more online classes as requested.