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Live online Spanish program in Todos Santos, pueblo mágico


TODOS SANTOS TEASES Poem by Cathy Catya Weil (resident of Todos Santos).

Todos Santos is like a woman, before you can open your eyes she teases you with her pungent fragrance of desert sage, the denseness of salty brine, a passing waft of blackened palm.

As the moments pass between wake and sleep, she teases you with cool tendrils of a breeze, enough to give flight to unruly strands of sun streaked gold and chocolate brown.

Her horizon lightens and her sky implodes with hues of dusky pink, brilliant backlit oranges and then fades to the yellow of mustard fields. Slowly she seduces you with shades of azul and cobalt, whipped with frothy clouds of meringue.

For today is your day…

She beckons you, be her lover for the day, dance to her symphony of crashing waves, strum madly her strings to join in the cacophony of repetitive mourning dove tunes, the drumbeat of woodpecker borings, and the hilarity of gecko laughter.

She teases you to rise slowly, ensconced still with night visions and dreams, giddy with an unleashed day ahead.

Her plot unfolds, as she snags you in her web of pheromones she lays for you in her dusty trails, her sandy shores, her cresting waves, her cactus spines, and her palm berries .

Today is your day, so she laces your boots with desert dew, and miles of Todos Santos dirt and sand, so you will never forget her. Each crack, each wrinkle, illustrate a walk, an experience, a journey….see more.

SCLI Volunteer English program in Todos Santos, BCS, in 2019.


Language Class

Little by little

we are reclaiming the words

Just as the land was once large,

so, too, our voice

Some words lost on the Trail

have been found

They lived hidden in baskets,

in pockets, in the very tassels

of corn (Selu, Selu)

Now the words live again

See? When I saw nogwo

it is now,

both the now of then

and the now of not yet

The words work secret medicine

and strong, forming us

from the inside out

Language is our Magic Lake-

we walk in limping with loss

and emerge wholly ourselves

When Cecilia speaks

she bears with her

the future of these sounds

Listen: her voice is soft but sure.

Kimberly L. Becker