A) Online Writing Spanish Workshops:  Advanced Spanish  Writing and oral skills through Literature, Films and Music.

Held every Friday (Intermediate level) and Saturday (advanced level) from 11 am to 1 pm.

B) Online Grammar Spanish Workshops: Grammar topics for different levels.

Held every Friday and Saturday morning from 1 pm to 3 pm. See list below.

How to sign up for a Grammar or Writing workshop:
1- Book it at least 72 hours in advance. Choose your 2-hour online Workshop #.
2- Copy and paste your desired workshop name and date on your registration form.
3- Or contact us if you need help.

Grammar workshops:

1) 02/05/21: Pretérito vs. Imperfecto.

The best things I did in my life.

– Using the past tenses
– Conjunctions
+ Short video narration oral practice in the past

Recommended for an intermediate level.

2) 02/06/21: Command vs Soft Command form.

Polite or impolite?

– Command forms.
-Present Subjunctive.
+ Role Play. Let’s make your own recipe!
– Spanish Accent Marks (rules and dictation practice).

Recommended for an intermediate and advanced level.

3) 02/12/21: Direct vs. Indirect object.

The best birthday gifts ever!

– Pronouns.
– Role-play game “a quién o para quién”.
– Pronominal Verbs (e.g. gustar, importar, parecer, etc.)

Recommended for a beginner and intermediate level.

4) 02/13/21: Essential Spanish for your dream vacation.

Disculpe señor: ¿Dónde está el hotel?

– Irregular verbs in the present tense.
– Giving directions.
+ Role Play: ¿Hay una plaza/un banco cerca?
– Ordering food and going shopping.

Recommended for a beginner level.

5) 02/19/21: POR vs PARA.

– ¡¡ Me casé por amor y no  por dinero !!

Let’s figure out how to use these 2 prepositions correctly.
– Oral and written practice with “para o por”.
– The most common Spanish prepositions you should know
In front of, across, before, above, below, by, around, next to…

Recommended for an intermediate level.

6) 02/20/21: SER vs  ESTAR.

To be or not to be? That’s the question!

-Main regular and irregular verbs in the Present tense.
-Question words.
-Simple Present and Present Continues.

Recommended for a beginner level.

7) 02/26/21: Reading the news in Spanish.

What’s going on in Latin America? Let’s take a look at the newspaper!.

– Advanced vocabulary and phrases using connectors.
– Passive voice.
+ Video: “Places of the world” (topic-debate).

Recommended for a high intermediate and advanced level.

8) 02/27/21  ¿Puede repetir, por favor?

 Contextual and ending sounds in Spanish.

– Feminine or masculine? Gender and number agreement.

– Word categories (nouns, adjectives, and articles), gender and number agreement.
–  Phonetics (ABC sounds). Pronunciation practice.
– Reading and intonation: stressed and ending vowels.

Recommended for a beginner level.