German  and French courses for seniors, adults and teenagers

• Our German program for live online classes

Free online German trial class

German courses for adults and teenagers: 6 week courses. See our online class schedule.  

Group classes (2-4 students):  1 Hour class  (once or twice a week) 6 weeks.

 Individual classes      once or twice a week / 6 weeks max. (6 hours) 

 Contact us to choose your best time for taking individual German lessons.                 

• Our French program for live online classes

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French courses for adults and teenagers: 6 week courses. See our online class schedule.       

Teens’ Group classes (2-4 students)      1 Hour class (once a week). 

Individual French classes           (6 hours) 6 week course.


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French individual lessons 

Contact us to let us know your preferred schedule for individual German or French lessons. Free assessment tests are provided.