Medical Spanish

Designed for beginners 2 students, for whom success in the field is vitally important, this class prepares students to use “real-life language” on the job. A focus on practical language learned in context makes Spanish accessible for the health professional.

Course contents

  • Giving personal information and writing a clinical record
  • Having a conversation in the doctor’s office
  • Describing symptoms
  • Vocabulary: parts of the body, organs, verbs to express medical conditions
  • Speaking about diseases and their treatments
  • Medical emergencies
  • Food and nutrition
  • Pregnancy and pediatrics
  • Other health problems: drugs and psychiatry
  • At the hospital: surgeries and medical studies
  • Going to the pharmacy
  • Other medical treatments: dentist, optometrist, physiotherapy.
  • Cultural approach: respect and trust in the Hispanic culture, medicine of native cultures, sexual health, the doctor-patient relationship