Our Spanish Courses. Language for the community, language for communication.

Our adult language classes are planned following the communicative approach. Our syllabi are designed to help students develop their conversational skills through activities that resemble real life situations. Our adult language classes consist of small groups of adults and seniors and also groups of teenagers,  in order to give everyone the opportunity to participate and learn.

SCLI Spanish classes are targeted at 5 different levels, from a total beginner to an advanced level.  All classes are for both groups and individuals.

Spanish Online Classes

The world is increasingly interdependent; this means that we constantly have to deal with people or companies from other countries. Individuals who have the skill to master another language will be more able to be successful in this new world. There are many work opportunities for people who know how to speak another language. In particular, learning Spanish gives us the possibility to communicate with an entire continent! Around 400 million people speak Spanish as their native language. From Spain to Argentina!