Santa Cruz Language Institute, Policy

Teaching services:

Students are not allowed to hire teachers services outside of the institution.


Each course has its own schedule and number of classes. When you enroll, you will be informed of the cost of the course and the number of classes you will attend. Once you are registered, payment for the course is due in full.  If tuition payment is more than 10 days late, a $20 late charge will be applied.

Missed Classes

Individual classes missed by a student due to illness or personal scheduling conflicts can be rescheduled with previous notice (72 hours for a schedule conflict to 24 hours in advance for any emergency).

All group classes are going to be recorded in order to revisit the material, please inform the teacher whenever you are going to miss a class (at least 12 hours in advance).


If a student withdraws within the first week of enrollment, a refund will be issued for the remaining classes. After the first week of classes, 50% of the remaining funds will be reimbursed.

Santa Cruz Language Institute
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