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Why everyone should learn a second language

Category : Language Blog on April 6, 2015

Money, dream jobs, a better brain: Why everyone should learn a second language With more online learning resources available than we know what to do with, there’s really no reason for you to not know a second language. Being bilingual not only gives you some fun bragging rights, but it also makes you stand out […]

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Does Your Language Shape How You Think?

Category : Language Blog on March 13, 2015

Seventy years ago, in 1940, …Benjamin Lee Whorf let loose an alluring idea about language’s power over the mind, and his stirring prose seduced a whole generation into believing that our mother tongue restricts what we are able to think. The New York Times

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Children’s Language Learning

Category : Language Blog on March 12, 2015

6 Foreign Languages Kids Should Learn – Why Should Your Child Learn a Foreign Language? (Alloy Photography/ Veer) A growing number of parents are enrolling their babies, toddlers, and preschoolers in foreign-language classes — and the numbers are expected to rise. “The popularity of such shows as Dora the Explorer, which teaches Spanish, and Ni Hao […]

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