Spanish – French – Italian  English – Portuguese – 6 & 8 week courses 

Medical Spanish – Conversational  Workshops – Business & Travel Kids & parents 

Live Online Language classes for adults, teenagers, parents & kids. 

New group courses start in September, 2021. Individual students can start anytime!

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• Fall group session #1 starts on 09/13/21 – 09/23/21 (5% discount).

  • SPA Beginner 1A starting on 09/21/21 at 3 pm.
  • SPA Beginner 2B starting on 09/21/21 at 5 pm.
  • SPA Low inter A starting on 09/21/21 at 1 pm.
  • Medical Spanish starting on 09/21/21 at 9 am.
  • French Beg.1 starting on 09/23/21 at 7 pm.

• Fall group session #2 starts on 11/01/21.

New! Live online Spanish classes for Kids (8+) and pre-teens every Monday and Wednesday afternoon.

Language: At the Santa Cruz Language Institute, we strive to introduce our community to the world by teaching online foreign languages such as Spanish, French, Italian and English as a second language. Our classes are imparted by highly qualified native teachers. We offer online language courses for adults, teenagers, kids and parents.

Culture: Learning languages is much more than acquiring vocabulary and practicing grammar. At the  Santa Cruz Language Institute, our live online Spanish, French and German ongoing programs are designed with activities that will make you experience the flavors, sounds and colors of the globe. You will practice your language skills as you open your mind to the world.

Adventure & Fun Events: By entering the Santa Cruz Language Institute, you are entering a world of adventure and fun. Our language classes, workshops and events include cooking in other languages, movie nights, music extravaganzas, field trips, travels abroad and making new friends