Italian through  Cinema

This class will use Italian movies to enrich your knowledge about the culture, learning new vocabulary and expressions, and stimulating new perceptions and conversations.
This class will breathe life into the classroom by employing audiovisual resources that help round out Italian lessons and inspire cultural interest. 
Our teacher will guide you to an interesting path based on great contemporary Italian movies. The process of learning a language should not be relegated to the textbook and whiteboard.
This is an intensive 2 hour class.
For Who: Intermediate and Advanced students.
Teacher: A native speaker and qualified teacher of Italian as a second language with a specific background in Literature and Art History.

Approach: This class follows a communicative approach to language teaching. The class focuses on the language that is required for communication efficiently in authentic situations, with an emphasis on speaking and listening.
This is a small group Class for 5/7 students maximum. Small group classes are designed to guarantee the highest quality level of the course and of the relationship between students and teachers.