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“Children love succeeding at learning a new language”

At SCLI we offer  Spanish and French  regular classes for children.

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Our children’s language classes are designed to encourage a love of foreign languages through games, songs, drama, videos and art projects. Our various activities also introduce students to the culture behind the language.

At SCLI, we have native speaking teachers helping young students build the foundations that will allow them to start communicating as they learn their new language.

About our successful Spanish program for children:

SCLI offers Spanish classes for children in Santa Cruz, using an engaging and successful program that teaches to  sing and speak in Spanish.

This is an extensive five-year program that takes elementary aged children far beyond most elementary Spanish curricula.

Each lesson plan includes a variety of interactive activities that make the repetition necessary for long-term retention fun. The lessons include colorful and humorous visuals, movement, singing, puppetry, games, stories, role-play, and more. Each lesson is carefully designed to result in a fast-paced energetic class that is multi-sensory and reaches children of all learning styles.

Year 1 and Year 2 Spanish introduces basic vocabulary and simple grammar about subjects children can relate to. Students have workbooks, CDs and songbooks to continue learning at home.

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“Sing’n Speak Spanish® is the only language program, of which I am aware, that fully integrates music into an extensive curriculum that meaningfully integrates vocabulary and idioms as well as languages forms and structures.” —Norman Leonard, Director of Outreach Language Acquisition Resource Center, San Diego State University.

Our Spanish classes at SCLI





Our Spanish after school programs at Davenport Pacific Elementary and at Brook Knoll Elementary School.






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Our 10 year old started taking Spanish lessons here this summer and loved the program so much that he decided to continue on a weekly basis throughout the school year. The program is wonderful, teaching the language through music, art and with fantastic worksheets to do at home. Homework is not overwhelming but enough to really make progress each week. Within a couple of lessons our son has already learned so much. Michelle is an excellent teacher who loves the kids and engages with them on a personal level. Due to her being a native speaker she really encourages the kids to communicate with her in Spanish which makes them learn fast. We love the program and are planning on staying with them long term.

  • Santa Cruz, CA
  • 1/29/2017
Our 6 year old daughter has been taking Spanish classes through the SCLI for a semester now and loves it. The lessons are fun, engaging, and leave our daughter wanting to practice what she is learning on her own at home. We’re very satisfied!
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  • Santa Cruz, CA

Our primary school age daughter has been taking French at the institute and she loves it! The classes are fun, engaging, involving songs and play, very appropriate for young children. Our little one has been learning French at a very nice pace while having fun!  The French teacher, Delphine, does a wonderful job with the children! She is engaging, warm and fun! It is great to have SCLI in our community!

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When my five year old daughter wanted to study Spanish, I was thrilled, but unsure if I would be able to find a class for her age group. Thanks to the Internet, I was able to research and discover this wonderful school. A small class with 2 other five year olds and a seven year old (two of whom were siblings) had just begun and my child was allowed to join the class for the second class. I was concerned about my daughter joining late, among other things, but the director assured me it would be fine, and it was. She was very helpful and addressed all my concerns patiently. The teacher and the director are both very warm, friendly, great with children and passionate about what they do.
I am very impressed with the curriculum, which uses music to teach, learn and remember. My daughter loves the class, which amazes me because the class is 90 minutes long! Another concern I had was her ability, at five years old, to handle a 90 minute foreign language class. No problem there. The children are having a wonderful time singing, drawing and playing games as part of their learning process.
The classes are a bit expensive for me, but I believe it is worth it. She can become bi-lingual as a child, when her language acquisition skills are at their highest, and enjoy a lifetime of the benefits that brings. (I’m jealous!)