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Santa Cruz Language Institute (SCLI) is proud to offer Les Loustics © program’s Years 1, 2, 3, 4 that introduces basic French vocabulary and conversation skills on subjects children relate to. They will be taught by our experienced French teacher, native of Paris, France, with 14 years of experience teaching elementary level in France.

Children learn French with Alice, Leo and Maggie, three engaging friends that help children learn basic French conversation while having fun!  (1st to 5th grade).

Les Loustics© is a 4 years curriculum that offers a creative and engaging approach for learning French, based on songs, games and audio/visual activity guides that help children learn basic, conversational French in a fun way, along characters Alice, Leo and Maggie.

This method uses role-play, and puts a strong emphasis on the use of vocabulary in conversation. A music CD, and a workbook keep French learning fun throughout the week and reinforce vocabulary at home.

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